Personalised treatment or standardised procedures? Why not both?

At BCN IURIS we have managed to develop unique processes that allow us to offer a personalised service to all our customers, solving more than 20,000 cases each year.

We process claims for both parts: as claimant and as defendant, whether in circumstances of contractual or tortious liability.

We have a holistic approach to acting in either circumstances. At first conducting conciliation efforts to reach an amicable agreement. And in all those cases in which our requirements are not met, we exercise judicial proceedings in the competent courts (civil, criminal, administrative, labour ...) obtaining a successful resolution in virtually all cases we try.

And of course, we act in all market sectors, meeting the needs and particulars of each customer in their specific jurisdictional scope.

Do you need someone to manage your claims? With BCN IURIS you choose the winning firm.

As a Claimant

We specify and quantify the damages incurred, identifying the responsible party (physical / legal) and taking appropriate action to restore the damages caused.

As a Defendant

We obtain sufficient documentation for analysing and evaluating the factual circumstances to respond to the action taken by the opposing party.

Unpaid debts, VAT recovery, subrogation in insurance payment, medical expenses, unpaid insurance premiums ... are serious issues that need advanced solutions. BCN IURIS offer the most dynamic collections service management in the sector, with a clear commitment to reconciliation against intermediation, seeking the maximum benefit of the clients we represent and involving ourselves in each of the cases we deal with.


It's not what we do. But how we do it.

Subrogation recovery payment

We offer this service in all those cases in which the client, based on a contractual relationship, is subrogated to the compensation and must pass on the same to a liable third party.

Management of unpaid debts

We deal with everything related to unpaid bills and unpaid premiums.

VAT recovery

With all those items appearing in the P&L as unpaid debt and therefore as bad credit, we perform the necessary steps to carry out the recovery of output VAT in invoices in the settlements at the time of accrual.

Management of the overdrawn account

Collection and payment recovery services that we perform both extra-judicially and judicially.